Sharing – A Box Full of…

When my son was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, a friend from Brisbane packed up a box of gluten free ‘goodies’ for him and a reassuring letter that things would get easier.  My friend Mandy had chosen all the ‘fun’ gluten free things her children enjoyed.  As well, Mandy gave me some tips and hints and a few tried and tested recipes.  In those early days, this was the most valuable help we were given.  That box helped us skip over a few hurdles more easily.


There is so much information and advice out there that it can all become quite confusing.  We still have a laugh at the “gluten free friendly” on many a café menu which translates to ‘may contain gluten’.

What parents of children and teenagers need is that box full of practical advice: the short cuts, the tried and tested recipes, products that appeal to the tastes of young people.

I am hoping to make this my ‘box’ of practical gluten free advice to be given freely to other parents out there whose son or daughter find themselves with a diagnosis of coeliac disease.