Gluten Free Bread Rolls

In our journey to find a  durable bread product  for a tropical North Queensland lunch box, I experimented with the Laucke White Bread Mix.  The recipe suggests making the rolls in a muffin tin which works well, but I was looking at how to make a gluten free bread roll look ‘normal’.


Trying to think outside the square, I stumbled upon a small 11cm diameter spring form cake tin in Coles Supermarket for $3.00.  I line the bottom with a circle of baking paper and oil the sides.

Gluten Free Laucke Bread Rolls

The 500 g packet of bread mix will make 6 – 7 bread rolls.  I make a batch on Sunday for lunch and then have rolls for Monday lunch and any extras are either frozen or made into a toastie snack.

I have also made this bread mix in a 30cm x 24 cm lamington type tin to make a slab like  focaccia, that then can be cut to resemble a hamburger bun.

Use the Bread Roll recipe from their site rather the recipe on the box and follow the instructions exactly eg weigh the water rather than measure in a cup.

bread risingIMG_0382


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