Macarons and Gluten Free

Looking for something special.  Try Adriano Zumbo’s range of macaron packet mixes.

Rasp Choc Macarons (2)

Available in Coles, some IGAs and Woolworths, this packet mix is gluten free by ingredient.  It can be found in the Cooking Aisle of the supermarket with all the other cake mixes.

The Salted Caramel Macarons are a winner in our house and there is also a Passionfruit one as well.

If you have never made macarons before, then check out the Zumbo website.  Most importantly, follow the instructions precisely.

A word of warning, if buying a macaron at a bakery or cafe, check on the ingredients used.  Some macarons for example are gluten free BUT the decorative coating may not be.