Taste Test for Twistie Look-A-Likes

My best gluten free food taste tester is my 18 year old who is not coeliac!  I found him scratching in the pantry during the week and he was most put out that I didn’t have any Chicken Twisteroos in the cupboard.  A good honest referral for the ‘Twisteroos’.

There are many snack treats on the market that are a substitute for ‘Twisties’.  Some are too bland and some are too furry.  Some have a lingering after taste and some aren’t so appealing to the teenage eye.

We have however found Snack World ‘Twisteroos’ in cheese and chicken,  in 170g packets which are GLUTEN FREE.

Now this product line, is an example of not being too complacent about reading the back of the packets and the allegy advice statements.  The 90 g Twisteroos ARE NOT GLUTEN FREE, nor are the Snack Packs.  While the allergy advice clearly states this, one can be drawn into believing that if the 170g packs are GF then the other sizes are too.  A reality check that one has to be diligent at all times. 

In Townsville they are available at ‘Crazy Clarkes’ and ‘Sam’s Warehouse’.  Check out your IGAs as this seems to be their main point of sale.

They have a few other gluten free products, so their website is well worth a look.



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  1. CortneyStanchfield

    I would love to try these! They look awesome! 🙂