Teenagers and Pizzas go hand in hand


What type of pizza base you use depends upon how much time you have spare.

We also like to keep variety in your teenager’s gluten free diet so we try not to use the same product over and over.

We have had success with taste, texture and time taken to make,  with the following:

Orgran Pizza Base : the mixture can get a little sticky but oil your fingers or use a little flour to help keep the mixture manageable.  (Available at supermarkets and health food stores)

Simply Wize Pizza Crust: Packaged in threes, these prepared pizza bases are perfect for a snack or lunch box.  (Available at supermarkets)

Schar Pizza: This is not available in Townsville but I buy it on-line  through Sunnybrook Health Store


Old Time Bakery Gluten Free Pizza Bases: A perfect thin base pizza. (Available at supermarkets)

pizza orgran pizza schar pizza simply wize pizza old time bakery

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  1. CortneyStanchfield

    Great post!

    1. Thanks Cortney. I am sure you have a lot more choice in USA. Keeping teenagers interested in food is important. And also pizzas are a good way to get my son involved in food preparation.

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