Gluten Free Bread – Burgen

It’s official.  Burgen Gluten Free White Bread is now my son’s favourite bread for lunchbox sandwiches.  The bread it soft, moist and it doesn’t fall apart.

UPDATE: It comes into store  frozen, so if you don’t see it on the shelf, then ask bakery if they can look in the freezer for a loaf for you.

I had read about the new gluten free range of Burgen bread available , but hadn’t found it stocked in our local supermarkets.

That is until yesterday…and this is one of the hassles with gluten free shopping.  You know that there are new products on the market, you search for them and then you give up.  And somewhere along the line, this product appears on the supermarket shelves and you don’t even know it is there because you are focussed only on the products you know are available.  Gluten free shopping can really be a case of hit and miss.

So Woolworths at Fairfield in Townsville now stock Burgen Gluten Free White and Burgen Gluten Free Soy-Lin.  I am hoping this means that you can find it in other Woolworths around the  city.

The texture of the white bread is very similar to the Lifestyle Bakery white bread and it holds together well for sandwiches in my son’s lunchbox.  Price : $6.99.


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