Twilight Picnic – A Gluten Free Challenge

It is school holidays and my teenager  had arranged a rendez-vous with a special  friend.  Movie?  Cafe Meal?

No, he had gone out on a limb and suggested that he would organise a picnic basket for a twilight meal overlooking the ocean.

The Strand, Townsville

The Strand, Townsville

Not sure what a teenager’s picnic basket would normally contain, I feebly ran a couple of items past him.  For one, I didn’t think introducing gluten free sandwiches to his friend would be a wise move. Crackers and a pesto went through my head, but my son had not really found a gluten free cracker to his palate’s liking so we didn’t think it wise to let someone else do a taste testing.  I suggested ham and salad wraps until he told me that his school friends call them “those strange crepes” when he has them for lunch.

Strawberries, he suggested… we were on a roll so strawberries and pineapple pieces made a good start.  A tick for healthy.

Something savoury became cheese and ham Pizza Scrolls and something sweet were Jam Drops.

For Pizza Scrolls I use Live Free Gluten Free Pastry Mix and recipe. I buy this product on-line together with their Chicken Seasoning.

For Jam Drops I use the White Wings Gluten Free Jam Drops recipe though depending upon how hot the day is and how quickly the butter softens/warms, I sometimes have to add extra flour to the mixture.

IMG_0804 IMG_0806 IMG_0805

So we, the coeliac teenage sous chef and his ‘gluten free cooking’ mum have ticked off another first.

I am not sure what the next gluten free challenge will be but together we make a great team and we will be ready and waiting.

Twilight on The Strand

Twilight on The Strand

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