Buckwheat Puffs

I had the pleasure to make the acquaintance of Savita from Chef De Home last week and subsequently stumbled across her recipe for Buckwheat Puffs.

I think a lot of things happen by chance or fate or good karma, but I was using the deep fryer that night for a chicken recipe , so I thought I would take the opportunity to attempt to make these puffs.

Managing with the last  1/2 cup buckwheat flour that I had, I quickly made a small batch  and rolled the dough (between two sheets of baking paper).

I surprised myself that I was not only able to get them to puff but more amazing I managed to make one resembling a map of Australia. (You might have to squint your eyes to see this).

Pooris Australia

Thumbs up from this household for these fried puffs.

I will definitely be making them again as they were crisp and easy to make.

Buckwheat flour has a distinct nutty  flavour and I also use it for  a Buckwheat Bread and Galettes (French Savoury Crepes).

The recipe for the Buckwheat Puffs can also be used to make flatbreads. Flatbread Buckwheat

Eating and cooking gluten free has had many positive spin offs.  Not only do you learn to cook with a wider range of products such as Buckwheat Flour but you also learn to draw on recipes from diverse cultures and cuisines. Thank you Savita.

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  1. Joanne, thanks for trying recipe. Cheers!

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