Quick and Easy Desserts – Chef’s Kitchen

I think sometimes we (parents of Coeliac children)  feel we have to make everything gluten free from scratch.  That somehow this will prove how good a parent  we are or how well we are doing with getting our heads around gluten free meals or how much we love our Coeliac child because we are willing to go the extra distance for them.

We do however need a night off occasionally and this is when we shouldn’t feel guilty about making a cake or dessert from a packet mix.

So if you need a night off, give Chef’s Kitchen a try.

Found in the Dessert Aisle of the Coles Supermarket, Chef’s Kitchen has a range of quick and easy desserts from mousses to parfaits to panna cottas.

The Butterscotch Mousse and Coconut Parfait are gluten free by ingredient and with a cup of milk and an electric beater, you can whip up a delicious dessert quickly. My taste testers prefer the Butterscotch Mousse over the Coconut Parfait.

A good pantry item for those days when you have run  out of ideas and time.  Also simple enough for your children to make.

Chefs Kitchen

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