Gluten Free Raspberry Cupcakes

This is an example of how to turn a packet cake mix into something special.Raspberry Muffins

Thank you Sandra  for your friend’s recipe : Madame’s  GF  Raspberry Surprise Cupcakes.

Simply add a grated apple to the packet mix, layer batter, raspberries then batter into paper cases and then when cooled, added 2 tablespoons of sieved raspberries and tablespoon of softened butter to the icing mixture.

I couldn’t get to the supermarket quick enough to buy the Basco Vanilla Cup Cake Packet Mix.

I will definitely keep a packet in the pantry as a back up for when my son has a group of friends over.

Raspberry Cupcakes Lunchbox

3 responses

  1. Teenage boys have voracious appetites, there’s no doubt. I’m going to try the cakes with blueberries next week, purple icing might suit your son better! I’ll pass your message to my friend today! 😃

  2. Thanks for the ping back, I’ll pass it on to my friend, she’ll be chuffed! The Amaretti recipe is hers as well, also quick and easy. So glad you tried and liked the raspberry cupcakes, they weren’t too girly for your teenage son I trust.

    1. He takes them without icing in his lunch box.a great recipe 4 when he has his friends over.hard to keep the food up to them.