Gluten Free Naan Bread

We have been making do with the Livwell Naan Bread, but only just.

GF Naan

So Sunday was time for me to see if I could make gluten free Naan. The simpler the better is my motto and after looking at quite a few gf recipes I decided to use  a recipe and make a few minor gf adjustments as well as using baking trays in the absence of a pizza stone.

We all know how unstable gluten free bread mix can be but once we learn not to be afraid of a mixture that either is extra sticky and unmanageable or a mixture that seems to slid apart and separate, we learn that gluten free flatbreads and naans are easy enough to make.

Key points to remember: don’t overwork the dough, baking paper is your friend so dust with gf flour and roll mixture between 2 sheets of baking paper, if mixture is too wet then add in extra dry ingredients.

Gluten free living and cooking  has definitely taken me outside my comfort zone and I hope along the way I am teaching my teenager to see gluten free baking as  a ‘normal’ part of his life.


3 cups gf bread mix and an extra 1/4 cup to work in

2 teaspoons dried yeast

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon caster sugar

185 ml warm water

90 g Greek yoghurt

2 tablespoons olive oil

extra olive oil for brushing


1. Combine flours, yeast, salt and sugar in a bowl.

2. Mix in water, yoghurt and oil.

3. Knead for 5 minutes or until smooth.

4. Place dough in a oiled bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and set aside in a warm place for 1 hour or until the dough has doubled in size.

5. Preheat oven to 250 C.  Once oven is heated and your dough is ready, heat baking tray  in oven for 5 minutes.

6. Punch down dough and place 1/6 of dough on floured baking paper. Top with another sheet of baking paper and gently roll dough into an oval shape. Remove top paper and brush top of dough with olive oil.  Lift dough and bottom baking paper onto heated tray and cook in oven for 5 minutes or until lightly golden. Only one tray in the oven at a time.

7. Repeat with remaining 5 portions.

4 responses

  1. How did it turn out? I love Indian food and have been thinking about making some gluten-free naan bread so that my sister can enjoy it as well!

    1. They were eaten quickly by the family. They don’t reheat well as a bread the next day but we did make them into pizza/cheese melts.
      The mixture is quite light and while they don’t really puff up, they are a great side for any meal.
      The knack is also to keep the oven hot so the second and third batches cook quickly. So be quick taking the bread out of the oven, let the tray reheat before putting the next batch in.
      I hope your sister enjoys them. She’ll appreciate your efforts.

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