Gluten Free Lamingtons

GF Lamingtons

With Australia Day on 26 January and the lamington an “Aussie” classic, give thought to trying out Coles Simply Gluten Free Lamington Fingers.

Found in the bakery section of the Coles supermarket, there are also two varieties of cupcakes available.

The challenge with gluten free shopping is to keep your eye out for new products.  Just as some of your old favourite gluten free products disappear from the supermarket shelves (Simply Wize Crusty Bread mix is one example) new products appear.  So continue to look in all the nooks and crannies of the supermarket where gluten free products are displayed and you just might find something new.

The lamington fingers are moist and bite sized. And they are disappearing from my kitchen, so it must mean they have been given the ‘thumbs up’.

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