Lunch and Lunch Box Helpers

It is time for me to visit Brisbane or call a favour in from friends in Brisbane for I am almost out of a few of my lunch box helpers. As I am a 2 hour flight away from Brisbane, I will most probably have my sister shop for my lunch box helpers so she can bring them when she visits in a month.

Lunch Dish Cups : wax coated rectangular cups, available in a variety of patterns and sizes, perfect for packaging rice wraps and sushi.

Lunch Cups

Soy Sauce Bottles: small bottles suitable for filling with gluten free soy sauce, comes with a small pipette for filling bottles but I find a syringe from the chemist works better

Soy Sauce Bottles

Sauce Bottles: I use these bottles for tomato or bbq sauce

Rice Ball Moulds

Rice Ball Moulds: Rice balls are not a success for lunch boxes, but these moulds make great rice balls for lunches and dinner at home.

Rice Balls

Toothpicks: perfect for meatballs and fruit pieces


I buy these from Daiso a $2.80 Japanese shop in the Myer Centre in Brisbane City (and other locations in Australia). Visit their website to see a sample of their products and locations as there are many other wonderful products to brighten up a lunch box,  make breakfast a little bit more interesting and to colour your dinner plate.

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  1. Brilliant! I have a trip planned to Daiso next time I visit Melbourne. Thanks for the great tips!

    1. They have some really great bits and pieces. Perfect for making lunches a little bit special. The lunch dish cups are so much better than the baking paper I used to cut into pieces 🙂

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