The Teenage Lunch Box

Once your child hits high school, you can no longer pack their lunch into a durable hard plastic lunch box and/or containers or have access to a fridge.  In tropical north Queensland, my children would take a small esky (cooler box) to school packed with their lunch.  Not only could you  pack ice bricks and frozen drinks, it also was used as a seat.

Lunch Esky

The teenager’s school bag is packed full of textbooks and lunch is packed in a soft pack lunch bag.  Once you put an ice brick inside, you learn to become a master puzzler in getting food inside to sustain a growing teenager.  My son is going through a growth spurt and now I have to pack a second smaller lunch because he tells me he eats everything in the 11 am break.


Enough said.

Those first few months post diagnosis was a difficult time for KJ not only with the obvious changes to his diet but also in trying to find food that was durable, wasn’t affected too much by temperature and “looked” normal. You can only pack rice crackers in  zip lock plastic bags so many days in a week.  Fruit gets bruised, salsas and dips don’t keep cool enough and sitting down to a can of baked beans and a fork in front of your friends…. well!!!!

If you have just started your journey, then maybe some of these ideas will help you and while some people will say, “but this is not a healthy balanced diet”, all I can say is ‘you do the best you can in the circumstances’. And you make sure they get the double dose of healthy for breakfast and afternoon snacks.



Single Serve products

pc savoury

Zip Lock Bag Snacks

snack pack

Fruit and Nut




Biscuits, Cakes, Brownies, Muffins (whatever has been baked for the week)

IMG_0805Raspberry Muffinscake 1Cupcakes




Sushi-Way-172r-MÉDIA Lunch Cups Gluten Free Pastry IMG_0806 IMG_0662 Meatballs x jaffle cooking IMG_0480

Juice (frozen)


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  1. Great post! Thanks for the heads up – my kids will no doubt be throwing me these challenges once they hit the next stage of schooling!

    1. And tastes change as well. Teenagers are a little more independent and like to let you know what they like or what they are prepared to be seen with. Got to love them.