Where do you shop?

Where do you shop?

Gluten free shopping is complicated or at least for towns and cities in regional Australia.  Gone are the days when I would patronise only one supermarket as gluten free is such a small target market and only a limited amount of shelf space is given to these products. Supermarkets specialise, stocking only specific products and brands, and I find myself patronising at least 6 stores and purchasing several products on-line directly from the supplier.

In the last 12 months, I have seen some of my “tried and liked” gluten free products disappear from the supermarkets as Coles and Woolworths shift their focus on their own branded gluten free products “Simply Gluten Free” and “Macro”.

On the weekend, I  found “Delectably Gluten Free” an on-line gluten free shopping website based in our city, but delivering regionally as well. Not only are they stocking “Springhill Farm” gluten free bread mixes and biscuits, they have Glutino pretzels (not stocked in the supermarkets) and a few other new products I am looking forward to trying out.

delectably gluten free

Perfect for those families who are tight on time and for anyone who just wants to stop driving all around to source their favourite gluten free products.

Their website is user friendly and Ashley and Naomi are happy to look at sourcing other products for their customers as well.

I have my order in, I have a recipe in mind for the pretzels (Gluten Free Spicy Cracker and Nut Mix, a Bhuja type savoury snack) and I look forward to seeing what other products become available.

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