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Coeliac Awareness WeekThis year’s campaign for Coeliac Awareness Week in Australia (13 – 20 March 2014)  is “Stop Feeling Sick & Tired” and  aims to encourage people to think of Coeliac Disease as a cause for their unwellness.

Australian statistics highlight that at least 1 in 100 people are affected by Coeliac Disease yet 80% of people don’t know they have the condition.

So what am I doing for Coeliac Week?

Last year I helped man an information station at a shopping centre that our local Coeliac Qld group organised.

This year I am going to blog three gluten free resources that others might find helpful.

1. The Gluten Free Scallywag Magazine:$22.95scally wag

This is Jasmine’s third magazine, the other two are available free on-line and for those of us who like printed material, her third magazine has been published.  Her ‘Chorizo Macaroni N Cheese’ was a Sunday night hit and I look forward to baking her ‘Monte Carlos’.

2. Yum On-line Magazine Subscription: $45.00yum.-gluten-free-magazine-spring-2013

This is Bianca’s third on-line magazine. Her first two are available free on-line and now she has launched an on-line subscription for 10 monthly magazines . Filled with new gluten free product information, recipes, health and well being articles and a list of gluten free eating places in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. As we have a family holiday planned for June in Brisbane, this has been a real bonus.

3.  My Gluten Free Gourmet  Kitchen Cookbook : $39.95

A  friend works in a hospital’s endoscopy unit mentioned  that this cookbook has been given the heads up by the unit as a wonderful gluten free resource and a must have for those diagnosed with coeliac disease. Written my Debra Malony, the recipe book has been endorsed by Coeliac Australia. To tempt you,  a number of her recipes can be accessed via her website (Sticky Date Pudding, Spinach and Fetta Pie, Crispy Potato Zucchini Cakes). I am yet to purchase this cookbook, but I’ll put it on my birthday wish list.

All three would be  a perfect  gift  for friends and family who have Coeliac Disease or are gluten intolerant.

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