taste.com.au GLUTEN FREE Cookbook

Taste Gluten Free

taste.com.au has a data base of over 27,000 recipes drawn together from a number of leading food magazines.

A search of their recipe data base results in 844 tagged gluten free recipes and now a Gluten Free Cookbook has been published. Priced at $9.95, you can find a preview of 6 of the recipes in the April 2014 issue of taste.com.au magazine.

It is advertised that the cookbook is  available at leading supermarkets and newsagents. So keep an eye open for it.

I found a copy this morning in Woolworths tucked behind a pile of other taste.com.au cookbooks.

All the recipes I am sure are available online but I am a bit old fashioned and like to have  a printed copy.  I am showing my age I suppose.

The  dessert on the cover is very tempting indeed – a no bake raspberry cheesecake.

Rasp Choc Cheesecake (1)

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  1. Thanks for the info – always great to know about these things!

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