Sausage Rolls and Smiles

Broadening our son’s eating out options, we recently had lunch at a local cafe “Mocha Mecca”  and KJ was quietly surprised by his menu options.

Mocha Mecca

This cafe goes out of its way to cater for gluten free customers and I loved the way that while menu items might be identified as gluten free, other items are identified as contains wheat.  The gluten free eater feels very welcomed here.

All gluten free bread and biscuits/slices/cakes are made in- house and the manager/proprietor has a family connection to coeliac disease.

In the context of my failed attempts at making gluten free sausage rolls, KJ’s smile said it all as he savoured his gluten free sausage roll.  We have even ‘bought in’ their sausage rolls for “State of Origin” nights and they are enjoyed by all the family.

My hope is that there is a Mocha Mecca type cafe in every large town and city: a place where gluten free eaters have an extensive range of menu options and where ordering gluten free feels safe.

MM Menu