Gluten Free Snacks

Angus Park Harvest Box

As gluten free shoppers, we tend to be focussed on specific aisles in the supermarket, shopping specifically for ‘our’ foods. Sometimes this means that we don’t see ‘new’ products that might also be gluten free.

Found in the baking/cooking aisle of Coles supermarket during the week, in the dried fruit section, are these two products.

The Angus Park chocolate and yoghurt covered fruit are variations to the Frugos I buy for my son’s lunch box.  So it is good to know there is a bit more variety now available.  I love the chocolate coated sultanas, but my teenager did find the dark chocolate a little rich.   We are still to try the other two varieties.

The Harvest Box snack packs also found themselves in the trolley.  The combinations of fruit and nut are a little more diverse than similar products on the market. Have a look at their website as they also have an on-line ordering service delivering a Harvest Box to your desk.

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