Good Without Gluten

Good Without Gluten (2)

I try not to buy gluten free recipe books, but this one caught my eye at Kmart.  I picked it up, looked at it, sighed and put it back on the shelf.  A couple of weeks later I saw it retailing for $30.00 at another bookstore.

So back I went to Kmart, the bargain was too good to refuse : $20.00.

Did I need it, probably not but the Brownie is heavenly.

The recipes are from the three chefs of No Glu a restaurant in Paris but saying that, all recipes are quite practical.

If you are looking for a Secret Santa present or stocking filler for a gluten free friend or relative, then have a look at Good Without Gluten.

Must also mention that many of the recipes cater for dairy intolerances with alternatives such as plant milk/rice milk/soy milk being given as well as a substitution for butter.

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  1. Ohhh, thanks for sharing! Would you recommend the book to someone with a milk allergy as well?

    1. Ill have a look re milk in recipes.

      1. That would be great, thanks!

      2. Banana cake, carrot cake,pear almond muffins, pancakes, lemon cake, choc muffins, chocolate coconut roughs, madeleines, pesto muffins, grissini sticks: dairy free or with alternatives mentioned. A lot of recipes have plant milk/soy milk/rice milk as an alternative to dairy milk as well as vegetable margarine as an alternative to butter. There are main meals as well.
        The book has a lovely homely feel about it, food with integrity and it doesn’t feel pretentious. More importantly, not too many ingredients I don’t normally stock.

      3. Perfect! Thank you so much for checking. I’ll have to add it on to my Christmas list. 🙂

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