Chicken Dumplings- Gluten Free Pastry

dumplings steamed

This pastry recipe for dumplings has been filed away for more than six months now and I am so pleased that I found time to experiment with pastry again.  I am a little scared of pastry as before gluten free cooking, pastry was bought in frozen sheets and there was little one had to do to them. And pastry making does require time.

A very special thanks to Irena from Cooking Without Gluten who introduced me to “Well and Good” products: breads, flours and pastry mix. Her detailed step by step instructions gives me the confidence to try something new.

I am the first to admit that my dumplings are various in size and that I need a bit more uniformity with the thickness of the pastry but lunch was enjoyed by all and I will most definitely make this pastry recipe again.

My chicken filling was an Asian inspired mixture so I steamed the dumplings instead of boiling them.

I also shallow fried some of the dumplings and they would make a good addition to the gluten free lunchbox.

dumpling fried 1

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  1. Dear Joanne, congratulations on your success with this pastry. That is exactly what I love about blogging. If not for the blog, I would never venture into making bread or difficult pastries. My cooking skills are so much better and I have learned so much from other bloggers. This pool of knowledge never ceases to surprise me. I personally prefer dumplings of reasonable size, you can use more filling in them and taste the filling better.
    Thanks for sharing.

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