Grandmothers Embracing Gluten Free

KJ’s Nana is 84 years in age and recently told me about a gluten free boiled fruit cake recipe she had found. Nana has been an invaluable source of gluten free recipes that either she or her friends cut out of magazines for me.

We had Nana to lunch recently and she asked if I could give her a 1 1/4 cup of gluten free flour so that she could make this recipe.  We forgot and so I was to drop her over the essential ingredient so that she could try  this recipe.  Resourceful and keen, she purchased a packet herself and then rang to say “the boiled fruit cake is ready for KJ”.

I must say that this has now become my favourite gluten free boiled fruit cake recipe.  The grated apple and coconut makes this cake moist and Nana substituted the ginger for cherries knowing that ginger might not be to a young person’s taste.

Thank you Nana for baking with love and understanding and care.

Gluten free Christmas Cake

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  1. This will make my dinner table very tempting:)

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