Gluten Free Cheesy Cob Loaf

 Cob Loaf

My KJ asked  in passing, if we could  make a Cob Loaf because he saw one at a party and it looked really nice.

 We make a good team, so our latest collaboration produced a really cheesy crunchy gluten free cob loaf.

Cob Loaf

1 pkt Well and Good Crusty Bread Mix* + 1 x 18cm round cake tin + baking paper to line tin + 45m @ 180C = Cob Loaf

Cheese and Bacon Filling

(1 onion finely diced + 250 g bacon diced + tablespoon of olive oil to fry) + ( 250 g sour cream + 250 g cream cheese at room temperature + salt + pepper + 1 1/2 cu0ps grated cheedar cheese) = Filling


(Cob loaf – lid – scooped out bread from inside) + filling + alfoil to wrap + 45m @ 180C = almost ready to eat

(Cob loaf – alfoil) + scooped out bread pieces at side of baking tray + lid + 10 m @ 180C = Cheesy Bacon Crunchy Gluten Free Cob Loaf

* Follow the bread mix recipe as per the packet but do not halve the dough, use a cake tin for cob shape and bake for 45 m or until hollow when tapped

Cob Loaf (2)

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