Every cloud has a silver lining…

Silver Pearls

I told my KJ about Dr Oetker’s Chocolate Silver Pearls – which are gluten free by ingredient, and he had to remind me once again about the time that I poisoned him with  a Silver Cashous.

It was the day before Christmas and I was icing and decorating KJ’s birthday cake.  I had beautifully and carefully laid down a ring of silver cashous on the outside rim of the cake.

All looked beautiful and I was very pleased that the heat of a tropical summer’s day had not caused me grief and the cake damage.

As KJ popped a silver cashous in his mouth he turned over its bottle and read out loud “wheat starch”.

KJ was 18  months into his gluten free life-long regime and I had thought I had purged all gluten products from my pantry.  But I had missed this one.

Christmas was not a happy day for KJ.  He spent the day either in bed or using the bathroom facilities.

Did this one gluten containing silver cashous swallowed 24 hours before cause his day of illness?

Had it taken 24 hours for the cashous to dissolve and cause a violent reaction?

Did he have a stomach bug and not gluten poisoning?

Who knows?

So with much joy, I am pleased to know that KJ can now have a birthday cake adorned with a crown of silver and topped with  a wafer butterfly and  chocolate hearts.

The Dr Oetker’s range of cake decorating items are new to Coles supermarkets with potato and rice being the starch ingredient.

I didn’t check each individual item but as a ‘good’ and ‘observant’ mum of a gluten free teenager I will do my due diligence when buying new products and try to never to caught out being complacent.

As we all know, there is no blanket guarantee that a product range will all be gluten free.

Cake Decorations

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