But Isn’t Coffee Gluten Free


Yes, coffee is gluten free but beware of the additives.

There are always those little surprises that come with the territory of a gluten free diet.

I most probably had not told my gf teenager to “Beware of Coffee” or at least “Be Aware” that not all chocolate powders shaken over the top of your cappuccinos are gluten free.

But on a recent day out together, we sat down for coffee and he ordered a cappuccino.

It was then I realised that I had to add another complication to his life…. if you order a coffee which is to be sprinkled with chocolate powder either ask if the chocolate powder is gluten free or ask for a cappuccino without chocolate powder.

Just as we thought we had covered all topics in the “lessons for a gluten free life” we are brought back to reality.


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