Aunty Dora’s Caramel Fudge



My Aunty Dora makes this fudge in multiple quantities.  She is a remarkable woman for many reasons and as the mother of 14 children, over 40 grandchildren and an increasing number of great-grandchildren Dora cooks and bakes in bulk.


1 can Condensed Milk

1 cup sugar

3 – 4 tablespoons softened butter


Place all ingredients in a 2 litre DEEP microwave container.

Stir and mix well.

You have to watch the mixture carefully as it will rise as it cooks.  Depending upon the power of your microwave, you might need to stop, mix and continue in 15 sec intervals.

Microwave for 1-2 minutes, remove and stir well.

Repeat this process 6 to 7 times, depending upon how dark you require it.

The fudge should start to thicken at 8 minutes.

Pour fudge into a loaf tray (greased or lined with baking paper), mark (cut) before fully setting.

Fudge 2

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  1. Thank you Joanne for this simple and delicious recipe. I have been waiting for a last push to make my own fudge, because most of commercial ones use glucose syrup from the unknown source more and more. Your Aunty Dora’s recipe was so simple, fast and easy with all the ingredients already there, so I went for it. Simple, yet perfect fudge, it took 9 min on high and from 6th min I cooked it in 30 seconds increments. I used very large and high oversized Pyrex bowl and it allowed for a substantial rise without problems. I already licked all the utensils and spoons, and now waiting to the fudge to set completely. It is not too sweet, so more condensed milk on my shopping list for the next week.

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