New GF Bread on the Shelves

Abbots Gluten Free Bread (2).jpg

Great to see another gluten free bread on the supermarket shelves.  Woolworths Supermarket is stocking Abbott’s Village Bakery Gluten Free Bread. Available is two varieties: Mixed Seed and Soy &Linseed, the bread is soft and opens up a few more options for gluten free eaters.  My gf son however is still the ‘white bread’ kind of guy but I am told that one day, he will make the transition to seeded breads and a whole range of other foods that he currently had decided is ‘not to his liking’.

This bread is soft, it is not dense nor heavy and it makes a great sandwich.

Abbots Village Sandwich.jpg

2 responses

  1. I loved the mixed seed. I was delighted at how it was more like the size of “regular” bread, so I could get more toast/sandwich out of it, and I thought the texture was really great both toasted and un-toasted. Yummy!

    1. We also had the Mixed Seed and as a sandwich, it was better than the other gluten free breads we have had in the house. I still can’t convince by son that seeded bread is good for him.

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