Oops… Complacency




Oops is an understatement

A member of our local Coeliac Queensland group, emailed through the details of a new product on the shelves: Kellogg’s Gluten Free Breakfast Biscuits.

I had checked my Coles supermarket, but they weren’t on the shelves but I did find them at Woolworths.

I quickly lined up the three different flavours, took a photo and then my husband and I deliberated over which packet we would buy for KJ for taste testing.  We couldn’t decide so threw into the trolley the Cranberries… and the Apricot…..

KJ found the Breakfast Biscuits and brought the red packet to me with the questions “Are these gluten free?”  I replied, “Yes, I thought we would give them a try”.

LUCKILY my KJ is gluten free savvy, and replied but “These ones (Cranberries…) have gluten in them!”

“No, they are gluten free, see here on the front of the packet…. “


How easily confused I was.  I had taken the photo at the supermarket, just after I lined up the ‘three’ varieties on the shelf.

I did not see it then, I did not see it when I unpacked the boxes, I did not see it when I put the packets in prominent place in the kitchen. 

How easily I thought that all the Kellogg’s Breakfast Biscuits on the same shelf were all gluten free.

How easily it is to ‘miss’ that the product contained gluten.

How easily it is to unknowingly consume gluten.

I thought I was gluten free savvy, but KJ taught me a few lessons today.

Check and recheck.

Don’t assume if one variety is gluten free that all varieties are gluten free.

Don’t trust your mother, because she isn’t the one who would suffer the consequences.

Always do your own due diligence.

ALWAYS be vigilant.

There is no room for error in KJ’s gluten free diet and thankfully, my error was noticed.

It is at times like this one could feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of eating gluten free, with no room for error.

I had let my guard down, I was excited that I have found this new product and didn’t see what was painfully obvious.

It used to be that I taught KJ about his gluten free needs.  The roles are reversed now and he is teaching me.

What can I say. Maybe a humble few words to my son:

“KJ I promise I won’t nag and question and make a fuss anymore about where and what you are eating and whether foods are gluten free.  You have more than proved your point that you can deal with your gluten free life.”








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