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Christmas comes but once a year…



May you find PEACE with your coeliac disease diagnosis, knowing that you are on the road to good health and may you find JOY in the gluten free food that will heal your body

A few ideas for gifts to help share in the spirit of Christmas

1. Australian Gluten Free Life  has magazine subscriptions or a “The Box” full of gluten free goodies or you can purchase single copies in newsagencies.


2. The Gluten Free Scallywag has been busy and you can now pre-order her Volume 4 Magazine.  If you missed Volume 3, it is available for purchase as a Printed Edition or Downloadable File.

If you want to try before you buy, then download Volume 1 and 2 for FREE!  You won’t be disappointed.

3. Springhill Farm Gluten Free Delights Hamper or the Springhill Farm Gluten Free Sample Pack

4. Jen’s Gluten Free Crackers paired with Beerenberg Red Pepper Relish


5. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are a gluten free lolly staple especially at Christmas time. Myers in Townsville are already stocking their shelves.

Jelly Beans

6. The Happy Cookbook by Lola Berry

Happy Cookbook

7. My 2013 and 2014 Blogs for Christmas might also give you inspiration: Christmas Stocking Fillers and A Special Gift for Christmas

Every cloud has a silver lining…

Silver Pearls

I told my KJ about Dr Oetker’s Chocolate Silver Pearls – which are gluten free by ingredient, and he had to remind me once again about the time that I poisoned him with  a Silver Cashous.

It was the day before Christmas and I was icing and decorating KJ’s birthday cake.  I had beautifully and carefully laid down a ring of silver cashous on the outside rim of the cake.

All looked beautiful and I was very pleased that the heat of a tropical summer’s day had not caused me grief and the cake damage.

As KJ popped a silver cashous in his mouth he turned over its bottle and read out loud “wheat starch”.

KJ was 18  months into his gluten free life-long regime and I had thought I had purged all gluten products from my pantry.  But I had missed this one.

Christmas was not a happy day for KJ.  He spent the day either in bed or using the bathroom facilities.

Did this one gluten containing silver cashous swallowed 24 hours before cause his day of illness?

Had it taken 24 hours for the cashous to dissolve and cause a violent reaction?

Did he have a stomach bug and not gluten poisoning?

Who knows?

So with much joy, I am pleased to know that KJ can now have a birthday cake adorned with a crown of silver and topped with  a wafer butterfly and  chocolate hearts.

The Dr Oetker’s range of cake decorating items are new to Coles supermarkets with potato and rice being the starch ingredient.

I didn’t check each individual item but as a ‘good’ and ‘observant’ mum of a gluten free teenager I will do my due diligence when buying new products and try to never to caught out being complacent.

As we all know, there is no blanket guarantee that a product range will all be gluten free.

Cake Decorations

Gluten Free Cheesy Cob Loaf

 Cob Loaf

My KJ asked  in passing, if we could  make a Cob Loaf because he saw one at a party and it looked really nice.

 We make a good team, so our latest collaboration produced a really cheesy crunchy gluten free cob loaf.

Cob Loaf

1 pkt Well and Good Crusty Bread Mix* + 1 x 18cm round cake tin + baking paper to line tin + 45m @ 180C = Cob Loaf

Cheese and Bacon Filling

(1 onion finely diced + 250 g bacon diced + tablespoon of olive oil to fry) + ( 250 g sour cream + 250 g cream cheese at room temperature + salt + pepper + 1 1/2 cu0ps grated cheedar cheese) = Filling


(Cob loaf – lid – scooped out bread from inside) + filling + alfoil to wrap + 45m @ 180C = almost ready to eat

(Cob loaf – alfoil) + scooped out bread pieces at side of baking tray + lid + 10 m @ 180C = Cheesy Bacon Crunchy Gluten Free Cob Loaf

* Follow the bread mix recipe as per the packet but do not halve the dough, use a cake tin for cob shape and bake for 45 m or until hollow when tapped

Cob Loaf (2)

Found – A New Gluten Free Product

gluten free kitchen

Gluten Free Kitchen is a new Australian made product  and is the “first and only brand in Australian to specifically fortify all of their products with …vitamins and minerals to enable people to live a truly healthy gluten free lifestyle.”

Products available are Coconut Flour, Self Raising Flour, Plain Flour, Pasta, Pancake Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix,  Breakfast Smoothie and Diet Shake.

I am yet to try the product but I have seen them stocked at the Calanna Pharmacy on Ross River Road Aitkenvale.  Check the advertisement below to find our the other pharmacists which are stocking Gluten Free Kitchen.

Gluten Free Kitchen suppliers

Pudding in a Mug

pudding in a mug

I purchase my Well & Good flours and pastry mix on-line  and was pleasantly surprised with complimentary “Pudding in a Mug” sachets included in my order.

Options are Salted Caramel, Gooey Chocolate, Spiced Banana.

The “Pudding in a Mug” will be available for purchase on-line within the next four weeks.

They are part of the 8 new varieties available from Well & Good.

With two out of the three sachets missing from my pantry, I can say that this new gluten free snack has been given the tick of approval from my gf teenager.

GF Wraps – BFree

GF Wraps

Making school lunches easier 

Spotted in the Woolworths supermarket last week.

This is one of those products that has been available in Australia for some time now, BUT took a while to make it north to tropical Townsville.

Pliable and soft, they are easier to work with and wrap than the other brands of wraps we have tried.

A few sweet items

Macs Cookies Menz Honeycomb Peanut Brittle

A gluten free shopper is ALWAYS on the lookout for a ‘new’ product and with a few minutes to spare today before an appointment, I had a quick browse of The Reject Shop in Stockland Townsville.

The Menz Honeycomb is available in caramel, milk chocolate and dark chocolate making decisions difficult.

The Mac’s shortbread and biscuits had been discussed on Coeliac Qld facebook page, but this was the first time I had seen the product in the shops.

Also available are Candy Corner Chocolate Coated Peanuts and Chocolate Coated Sultanas.

At $2 to $3, these are priced to please any gluten free shopper.

Chicken Dumplings- Gluten Free Pastry

dumplings steamed

This pastry recipe for dumplings has been filed away for more than six months now and I am so pleased that I found time to experiment with pastry again.  I am a little scared of pastry as before gluten free cooking, pastry was bought in frozen sheets and there was little one had to do to them. And pastry making does require time.

A very special thanks to Irena from Cooking Without Gluten who introduced me to “Well and Good” products: breads, flours and pastry mix. Her detailed step by step instructions gives me the confidence to try something new.

I am the first to admit that my dumplings are various in size and that I need a bit more uniformity with the thickness of the pastry but lunch was enjoyed by all and I will most definitely make this pastry recipe again.

My chicken filling was an Asian inspired mixture so I steamed the dumplings instead of boiling them.

I also shallow fried some of the dumplings and they would make a good addition to the gluten free lunchbox.

dumpling fried 1

Sweet Treats and Gluten Free Pies

Not another cookbook!

Sweet Treats

My eye caught a gluten free cookbook at the newsagency recently and while I have vowed not to buy any more cookbooks, I thought I would just flick through a few pages.

It was the White Chocolate Mud Cake that swayed me and so for $12.99 I now have this cake on my ‘to do’ list.

“Sweet Treats” is written by Megan Tan-Hayes and on reading a little more about her recipes and inspiration for gluten free cooking I also found that she is “One Girl Pie” baking sweet and savoury pies.  If you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne or are visiting Melbourne then her pies are available at Frederick’s Richmond, Common Good Grocers Hawthorne, Darriwill Farm Albert Park and Darriwill Farm Prahan Markets.

Who could resist:Christmas Cranberry, Pork and Fennel, Blueberry, Chicken and Leek, Steak and Mushroom and the list goes on….

But if you don’t live in Melbourne, you don’t have to miss out as Megan shares her One Girl Pie – Blueberry Pie recipe in her cookbook.

Joanne’s Fried Chicken

aka JFC

My sons have warmed to the idea that this chicken IS better than KFC… so if you can’t buy LFGF Chicken Seasoning locally, then  order it on-line.


500 g chicken cut

LFGF Chicken seasoning

1 egg beaten with 1 teaspoon waterIMG_0602

Oil for frying


In bowl mix egg and water.

On a plate place LFGF Chicken seasoning

Dip chicken in egg mix.

Roll chicken in seasoning mix to cover.

Heat oil in deep fryer on high and fry chicken in batches until half cooked.

Put chicken to drain on kitchen paper towel.

Return chicken to deep fryer until cooked.

Drain chicken on paper towel.

Serve chicken with salad.