What to do when…

…your teenager leaves his lunch box at home,  it is the last day of school for the year so the Tuckshop is unlikely to have any gluten free options on hand and being gluten free means you just can’t have a friend give you half a sandwich to see you through the day.

In the rush of the morning, my son forgot to pack his lunch box and I found it around noon still in the fridge.  Teenagers Lunch Box

Ringing the school to tell him that I would leave it at the school office was not an option… how embarrassing would that be for an almost 17  year old.

Knowing how hungry he is and how much he consumes in a day, I really didn’t think I could use the experience as a “teach him  to be organised” lesson. It would mean he would be without food from 7.30 am to 4.30pm.

It was however an experience that taught us both a lesson… have a plan in place should this happen again.

So here is his  plan:

1. Always have at least $10.00 in your wallet.

2. Be familiar with the school tuckshop gluten free menu.

3. Order a lunch from the tuckshop as a dry run so that he is familiar with the special order system and also so that he is  known to tuckshop staff. (My son is yet to purchase a gluten free meal from the tuckshop)

4. Text  mum or dad and we will ring the school to give him permission to leave the school premises so that he can walk to the local shops where he can purchase sushi.

So how did he survive the day.  Apparently at morning recess he had a piece of chewing gum.  Keep in mind that this is the recess when he normally would eat his 2 sandwiches or 3 sushi.

This story does have a happy ending.

Hoping that he had his phone on him and might check it during lunch recess, I texted him to let him know I was sitting in the car outside the school with his lunch.  To be on the safe side, I phoned a friend who texted her daughter to tell KJ to ring his mum.

Message received and mission accomplished, my son didn’t starve and we have both wiser for the experience.

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