Fridge Essentials

Below is a list of our main fridge items that we stock and are common to successful meal options for our son.   Also check the web link below for helpful shopping item advice.

1. Our Fridge

Deli Lines : Best to buy the  already packaged GF bacon, ham, salami  from the refrigeration section of the supermarkets

Dips and Salsas: be aware that cross contamination could be an issue

Dressings: Mayonnaise, Coleslaw Dressing

Eggs: we go through a lot of eggs so if you have fridge space, keep an extra dozen on hand

Jams: the ones in your fridge will be contaminated

Juices: another product to check and recheck

Margarine: label GF and non GF to eliminate cross contamination

Dairy Products: be careful to check  flavoured milks and yoghurt style products

Ice creams and frozen treats: check, check and recheck

Relishes and Chutneys: Maleny Cuisine, Mackenzies, Beerenberg

Sauces : tomato, BBQ(Fountain) ,  soy sauce (Fountain), Worcestershire (Spring Gully, Beerenberg)

Tomato Paste: if you make pizzas often, then have a GF and a non GF labeled bottles to eliminate cross contamination

Toppings and Flavourings: Mackenzies

2. Gluten-free shopping list  2011

(Gluten-free shopping list October 2011)

3. Gluten Free Shopping Guide 2014

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