GF Kitchen Start Up

One of the reasons for my blog is that that should my gf son leave home, he will always have access to my tried and tasted gluten free recipes.

The time for KJ to fly the nest is approaching and so I begin to think about what else he will need as a Kitchen Start Up in shared accommodation.

GF Start Up (1)

  1. Gluten Free Recipe Books – my tried and tested recipes compiled especially for KJ
  2. Shopping List – list of must have grocery items
  3. Bar Fridge – to reduce cross – contamination by house mates eg jams, margarine, tomato paste – anything that a gluten contaminated knife might be plunged into
  4. Crepe Maker – for making pancakes, flat breads, wraps, galettes
  5. Sandwich Press – toasties are a staple
  6. Toaster – goes without saying
  7. Baking Paper – essential for toasties, for lining oven trays and pizza trays
  8. Plastic Containers – for fridge, for pantry, for frozen left overs, for bread
  9. Coeliac Qld Shopping Guide – not sure if he will use it as he has a good understanding of reading labels, but just in case he needs to check an item
  10. Bread Board and knife – better to have a separate board that you don’t have to second guess whether it has been cleaned thoroughly. Coloured boards for beef and chicken if you are sharing accommodation with a vegetarian.
  11. Stick Blender
  12. Zip Lock Bags – for snacks, for pantry items
  13. Digital Scales, measuring cups and spoon measures
  14. Toaster Bags – just in case or to have at friends’ places
  15. Rice Cooker – for the microwave
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