Gluten Free Snacks

 Priority is gluten free and  a mix of home made and store bought gluten free products helps you achieve this goal.

Sometimes as mothers we can put pressure on ourselves by feeling that we have to do everything ourselves and as a mother of gluten free children we can think that we have to be super human and cook and bake everything from scratch.

I think we need to learn to find a middle ground and know that it is okay to make a gluten free cake from a packet mix and that it is okay to buy in gluten free snacks for the school lunch box.  It might be that you only have the time to bake once a week on weekends, and that is okay, because there are numerous other snacks that can be found at the supermarkets.

Favourite Store Bought Snacks

  1. Carman’s gluten Free Bars  (in cereal aisle at Coles)
  2. Frugos : single serve yoghurt covered berries (in gluten free aisle)
  3. Fry’s Turkish Delights and Snickers
  4. Lollies: Sue Shepherd’s Lollies Strawberries and Cream and Milk Bottles (from Sprout) and Haribo Lollies (confectionary aisle)
  5. Kettle Chips
  6. Bhuja Snacks (in nuts and chips aisle at Coles)
  7. Menz Chocolate Coated Honeycomb (in Coles lolly chocolate aisle and also Reject Shop)
  8. Corn and Rice Thins (though check as some have flavours which contain gluten)
  9. Single serve sultanas and fruit mix packets
  10. Peckish Rice Crackers

Favourite Home Made Snacks

  1. Coconut – Raisin – Choc Cookes
  2. Quinoa Anzac Cookies
  3. Peanut Butter Cookies
  4. Banana Muffins
  5. Raspberry Surprise Cupcakes using Basco packet mix
  6. Chocolate Pecan Brownie
  7. Florentines
  8. Buckwheat Triple Choc Cookies
  9. Home Made Pesto and Hummus
  10. Muesli Slice