Kitchen Must Haves

1. Crepe Maker

The Breville Crepe Creations is easy to use and clean, temperature controlled and download portable.  Making pancakes, wraps, crepes, thin egg omelette wraps, flatbreads is so much easier with the crepe maker.  If the whole family is happy to eat gluten free, then invest in a second one.  It is also a way to get your teenager involved in cooking.

2. Jaffle Maker

Especially helpful for the teenager who just can’t get used to the texture of gluten free bread but misses the convenience of the sandwich in the lunch box.  Best to limit to 2 fillings : a meat and cheese.  Jaffles are versatile : breakfast, lunch or week-end snack and my teenager can make one when he wants.

3. Small Non-Stick Fry Pan

Convenient for the one person omelette or the bacon and egg breakfast.  It is also handy when frying up small amounts of bacon and onion for savoury rice cakes.

4. Microwave Rice Cooker

Don’t just cook enough rice for one meal.  Extra rice can be frozen in small packets for a quick fried rice, savoury rice muffins or a side of rice when the rest of the family has a gluten side dish.

5. Stick Blender

Useful for that packet of biscuits you bought and your teenager has declared it a ‘don’t buy again’ item.  Make crumbs and freeze to use for truffles, rum balls, bases for cheese cakes.

A cheap savoury crumb can also be made by blending up a packet of rice crackers.

Left over roast meats can be blended to a fine mince and used for pizza toppings.

6. Single Serve Soy Sauce Filler and Small Sauce Bottles

My teenager loves his sushi but I just couldn’t find a small enough and not too fiddly container for his GF soy sauce. This one had me stumped for a long time.  So how do you fill up those cute fish shaped soy sauce containers with gluten free soy sauce:  with a syringe purchased from the chemist.

I have also found this absolutely addictive store : Daiso – a Japanese $2.80 store (there is one in Brisbane in the Myer Centre).  Here you can buy a range of small containers suitable for sauces for lunch boxes.  The ones with the tops in the shape of animal heads are perfect for gf soy sauce.


7. Baking Paper 

This seems like a silly thing to mention, but we go through metres and metres of baking paper.  For baking, to line the griller tray, to make toasted sandwiches, to roll out pastry, to line muffin tins, to separate slices of gluten free bread before you freeze them.

8. Scales

I find that it is essential to stay exactly with a gluten free recipe when baking.  If the recipes states : 180 g butter, then weigh the butter.

9. Mix Master with dough hook

Once you get more confident with gluten free cooking you might want to try  your hand at baking bread.  Luckily for me, I already had a Kitchen Aid Mix Master so I didn’t have to outlay money for one.  But a good quality mixer with a dough hook is perfect for mixing your gluten free bread doughs.

10.  Heavy Duty Bread Loaf Tin

If you bake bread regularly, then invest in a heavy based tin.  Available from specialist kitchen shops or your local coeliac society (in Australia).

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