Pantry Staples

Those first couple of months are quite hazy but pre GF my pantry was packed full of gluten products.  We were tempted to and probably did buy up everything we saw gluten free because we really didn’t know where we were going or what we would need.  And I think there are some gf products still in the pantry that we haven’t found a use for.

Firstly, it is important to organize your pantry so you have a system of identifying gluten products and gluten free products.  It could be by labeling items  or with  gluten free dedicated shelves

Secondly, you should do a pantry audit. Don’t throw out all groceries thinking that they contain gluten. Some items in your pantry are already  GF by ingredient.

Here are some of our core  gluten free  pantry staples and below is a link to Gluten-free shopping list  2011, given by dietitians to people with Coeliac Disease.

1.Our Gluten Free  Pantry Staples

Baking Powder

Bread Mix (Laucke, Simply Wize)

Biscuits: Sweet (taste and texture vary widely) and Savoury (Sakata, Fantasic, Delites)

Cake and Pastry Mixes (Basco, Melinda’s, LFGF Pastry Mix)

Cereals (Carman, Kez, Freedom)

Chocolate : cooking chocolate(quite limited as Cadbury has just relabelled their cooking chocolate as may contain gluten),  hot chocolate

Corn Tortillas

Corn Chips – check each product as some corn chips have gluten in the coating

Custard Powder

Flours : SR Flour, Plain Flour, Cornflour


Icing Sugar

Lunch Box Fillers (I’ll put together a list in the near future)

Passage to… range of products: A Passage to India,  A Passage to Japan, A Passage to Italy… you can travel around the world with this brand and  all are GF

Pasta: this is a real trial and error as some pastas are rice based, some are corn based and it is a matter of working out which works best for you (San Remo is what we are using)

Pizza Bases (Schar, Simply Wize, Old Time Bakery)

Rice and Rice Noodles: Pad Thai, Rice Vermicelli, Rice Paper Rolls


Spreads : Peanut Butter – the one in your pantry will be contaminated


Tacos and Old El Paso Taco Spice Mix

2.Gluten-free shopping list  2011

(Gluten-free shopping list October 2011)

3. Gluten Free Shopping Guide 2014


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