Blogs and Personal Websites

Hungry and Fussy Helen Tzouganatos is a blogger, recipe developer and has coeliac disease.

Celiac Kiddo is written my mum Dana who has lots of tips and advice for mums of children with coeliac disease.

Celiac Travel  Advice from a well travelled couple who have put together language cards for other travellers.

Cooking Without Gluten Irena from Melbourne has the most amazing tried and tested recipes for sweets, desserts, pastas and breads.

Gluten Free Lunchboxes written by Kate, is another site full of practical recipes and tips for filling up the lunchbox with gluten free food. So if you are struggling with ideas for your coeliac child, then see Kate’s postings.

Gluten Free Manual from in Fremantle

Favourite Gluten Free Recipes is my re-blog of the easy and practical gluten free recipes I have stumbled upon. It is like my virtual recipe book with some old fashioned ideas as well as some new food fashions.

Sweets of Style has an amazing list of recipes blogged over the last year.

Terris from Free Eats has gluten free, dairy free and soy free recipes.

The Gluten Free Scallywag is a beautifully styled website with inspiring recipes.

Gluten Free can be expensive but Gluten Free Student Cook Book caters for the inexpensive but filling recipes for the student on a budget.

Mrs Gluten Free aka Bianca Shrugg has her website and her Yum.gluten free magazine full of gluten free inspirations. You can also download her launch magazine  .

Celiac Family and make sure you look at their  Gluten Free in School page

2 responses

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! Looking forward to exploring your blog.

    1. My pleasure. You have wonderful fresh ideas and recipes. And what to put in the school lunch box is a bit of an issue for our gluten free children especially the early days after diagnosis.

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