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Where are we dining tonight? Gluten Free Dinners Made Easy

If you want to travel the world without too much fuss and bother then try the Passage to… range of products.


Advertised as  Quick and Easy.  All Natural. Gluten Free. you can travel to Sri Lanka, India, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Japan and Indonesia and a few other places around the world.

What I really like about these products is that with 500 g chicken or beef you can produce a hearty meal with little time and effort.  You can either follow the recipe on the packet or add your own twist to the flavour base.

So for me, they are a pantry staple for those occasions when I am lacking inspiration and time.

They are also a good starting point for your teenager to learn to prepare and cook meals.

I have found that Coles carry more of Passage to… range than Woolworths.

So……,  where are you dining tonight?

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