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Where to From Here – Reflections

past-present-futureThe Past.The Present.The Future

The Past

In the not so distant past, I knew nothing about blogging and we were just a normal family eating ‘normal’ food.  It was 11 July 2012 when my youngest son KJ was officially given a diagnosis of  coeliac disease and his lifestyle and dietary patterns changed with those words, “You have coeliac disease and you must eat gluten free for the rest of your life”.

The Present

This blog has been my ‘present’ to my son and to mothers of children, especially teenagers, who are diagnosed with coeliac disease.  I have referred to it as my ‘Box Full of…” all things gluten free: thoughts, emotions, recipes, products, coping, adjusting, likes and lots more. I have kept true to my original intentions and feel a sense of pride in this achievement.  It has also been a gift for me because not only have I taught myself a little about blogging and upskilled my computer competencies, my blog has also been my way of coping with the trials and tribulations of a gluten free lifestyle, accepting change, guiding my son along his journey and then learning to let go as KJ continues on his gluten free journey.  If this was a book or a publication, I would have put the finishing touches on it a long time ago.  I am not a patient person, I like to have a project and then allow it to come to a conclusion.  But a blog is not a book and I have had to learn patience and learn to pace myself.

I am not sure about the average life expectancy of a blog, but unless your blog is earning you an income and you take it on professionally, one can end up losing impetus, blogging top 5 or top 10 lists, posting irregularly and losing direction.

The Future

Today my KJ turns 20 and  therefore he is no longer a teenager. The life expectancy of this blog “Gluten Free and the Australian Teenager” has been 3 1/2 years and what a wonderful      3 1/2 years I have had.

On the gluten free front, I will never be bored, I look forward to making 10 different versions of Hummus, Fig Cake, Flourless Olive Oil Caprese Cake, a number of recipes using polenta and working through and/or culling my pile of recipes in my file. I will continue to dabble in gluten free because gluten free is our new ‘normal’.  With the exception of sweets and desserts and biscuits and cakes, gluten free has taken us back to products which are naturally gluten free: fruit, vegetables, meats, seafood, salads, nuts, pulses.  I have revived some of my mum’s old fashioned family favourites and will commit to paper a number of these recipes before they are lost.

My blog is my ‘pay it forward’ gesture because it will continue to be a resource for families with newly diagnosed children. So in a way, it is like a book: it has had a beginning, a middle and an end. It has currency and relevancy.

The Future also promises treatment options for coeliac disease sufferers.  With a number of trial treatments underway, the future will deliver for  my son alternatives to his strict gluten free diet. And in the not so distant future, fingers crossed.

Many thanks to those who have shared this blog journey with me and I do look forward to  your future blog posts. Many thanks to those of you who have given me feedback or made comments which gave me encouragement to continue the blog.

And so my final words are “Happy Birthday Kieran”. 



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