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Coeliac Awareness Week


13 – 20 March 2016

Coeliac Australia campaigns to increase rates of diagnosis of Coeliac Disease via Coeliac Awareness Week by making the public and health professionals aware of the disease’s symptoms.

As a member of your state Coeliac Association you have access to a wealth of information via fact sheets and contact with volunteers and staff who can assist you with your questions and transition to a gluten free diet.

Data bases compiled from member recommendations of places to eat across Australia and overseas, translation cards in many languages  and their yearly Gluten Free Expos are just a few more reasons to become a member of your state association.

For those already diagnosed with coeliac disease, Coeliac Awareness Week is also a friendly reminder to open discussions with family members about the genetic link of coeliac disease.

Consider Coeliac Disease posters are downloadable from Coeliac Australia’s website to help members make the public more informed about the symptoms of coeliac disease.  If you have access to community noticeboards or a workplace noticeboard, download a poster and help Coeliac Australia spread the word.

Gluten Free Chicken Schnitzel

Update: I haven’t been able to buy these Schnitzels in the fridge section of the supermarket, but I have found a similar product “Ingham Crumbed Breast” in the freezers. (4/7/14)

One of the benefits of being a member of your state Coeliac society is the networking.  In Townsville, our local coordinator arranges a number of meetings and lunches for the group as well as regular emails regarding new products and information.


GF Inghams Chicken SnitzchelIt is at our last lunch gathering that a member mentioned Ingham Gluten Free Chicken Schnitzel and where to find them as I am sure I wouldn’t have found them on my own.  They are in the meat section of the Woolworths supermarkets.  At Woolworths Fairfield, they are in the fridge opposite the chicken product fridge.

There are four to a packet and $6.99.  Cook them in the oven for a crispy chicken schnitzel and salad lunch.  My teenagers ate them as burgers.

I went later in the week and the shelves were bare, which is a good thing because the more that is sold, the more likely the store will keep the product on their shelves.

So spread the word.

Buckwheat Galettes – Galettes Bretonne


If you find yourself in Paris or Brittany, then you will find yourself in gluten free food heavenGalettes Bretonne, Galettes Sarrasin, Galettes Ble de Noir. 

They are relatively cheap, very filling and everywhere.  When we travelled with our two teenagers to Paris in December last year, we had no qualms about them finding their own lunch or dinner.  We always knew that they could fall back to a Galette at a cafe for a gluten free meal.

Our favourite galette cafe was Breizh Cafe ( http://breizhcafe.com/fr-breizh-cafe-paris.html ).  In their Deli next door you can get a pack of galettes to take home.  As we were staying in an apartment, these galettes were a great breakfast or a back up for dinner in the apartment.

I have included two recipes below for you to experiment with as well as a link to two David Lebovitz sites about galettes in Paris.

I make them for breakfast for my son on my Breville Crepe Creations and  any extras can be frozen with a sheet of glad bake in between.

NB Traditional Galettes are made with buckwheat only.

Buckwheat Galettes  – Galettes Sarrasin

4 oz milk

2 eggs

2 oz buckwheat flour

  1. Put ingredients into a bowl and whisk until smooth.
  2. Pour 1/3 to ½ cup of batter onto prepared crepe maker and spread with batter spreader.
  3. Cook until galette starts to brown.
  4. Turn galette over and cook on other side.

Traditionally galettes are savoury crepes filled with any combination of fried egg, cheese, ham, mushrooms, edges folded in to make a square exposing the ingredients, placed under a grill to melt the cheese. Can be also used as wraps.

Buckwheat Crepes

2 eggs

1/2 cup buckwheat flour

1 cup rice flour


Place eggs and flours into a metal bowl.  Whisk eggs and slowly add milk until mixture is a runny paste.  Leave to stand for 15 minutes and recheck consistency.  Buckwheat absorbs large amounts of liquid.  Cook in a crepe pan and use with sweet or savoury fillings. Fold and place under grill to melt the cheese.

(Recipe from Against the Grain September 2012, Coeliac Queensland)




Coeliac Queensland – Become a member

If you or a member of your family has been recently diagnosed with Coeliac Disease then I encourage you to join your state branch of Coeliac Australia.

Your membership will keep you up-to-date on all things  gluten free  as well as keep you informed on the research into Coeliac Disease. Most importantly your state branch  is your “go to” contact for when you are feeling challenged by the transition to a gluten free diet or for having your questions answered about Coeliac Disease.

Your membership is multi-faceted : monthly email newsletters, “Against the Grain” publication and “The Australian Coeliac” magazine.  As well, your membership gives you access to travel information, fact sheets, recipes and a Coles Discount Card.aust coeliac

Take advantage of the experience of other members with their recommendations for places to eat in Queensland  and their cooking and kitchen tips.

A couple of tips that I have found useful:

When cooking pasta, ensure that you strictly follow the recommended cooking times on the packet to avoid a mushy mess! Look for a corn based pasta as this is more stable than the rice based versions.

Recipes with less flour content will convert to gluten free better than recipes that rely on high amounts of flour. eg. fruit cakes and carrot cakes.

Baking recipes with oil/buttermilk convert to gluten free better than those with butter.

Coeliac Queensland has just upgraded their website:  qld.coeliac.org.au  and as well you can find them on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/CoeliacQueensland

Coeliac Queensland also host the Gluten Free Expo, which is held in Brisbane each year. What a great way  to  taste test a range of  products and talk with suppliers about their product.

And then there is their  on-line shop which  gives you access to a range of gf food stickers, recipe books, cup cake papers labelled gluten free and heavy duty bread tins.

Support your state branch with your membership and you will be rewarded with ongoing support throughout the year.