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Coeliac Awareness Week


13 – 20 March 2016

Coeliac Australia campaigns to increase rates of diagnosis of Coeliac Disease via Coeliac Awareness Week by making the public and health professionals aware of the disease’s symptoms.

As a member of your state Coeliac Association you have access to a wealth of information via fact sheets and contact with volunteers and staff who can assist you with your questions and transition to a gluten free diet.

Data bases compiled from member recommendations of places to eat across Australia and overseas, translation cards in many languages  and their yearly Gluten Free Expos are just a few more reasons to become a member of your state association.

For those already diagnosed with coeliac disease, Coeliac Awareness Week is also a friendly reminder to open discussions with family members about the genetic link of coeliac disease.

Consider Coeliac Disease posters are downloadable from Coeliac Australia’s website to help members make the public more informed about the symptoms of coeliac disease.  If you have access to community noticeboards or a workplace noticeboard, download a poster and help Coeliac Australia spread the word.

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