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Spotted Cow Cookies

I have had this milk carton shaped box in the cupboard for a few weeks now and have been reluctant to open them for taste testing as I thought my son wouldn’t enjoy a cookie that  combined   milk chocolate, walnuts and banana flavouring.   But he came home from school yesterday  looking for more of “those” lunch box cookies.

So I take that as a thumbs up for Spotted Cow Cookies.Spotted Cow Cookies

Spotted Cow has a range of gluten free cookies available in gift boxes, twin packs and single serve wrap.

Varieties available are Cranberry and White Choc, Milk Choc, Banana and Walnut, Triple Choc, Apple and Sultana.

Check out their website for a list of distributors in your state.

Postscript  (22/11): I was on a Virgin Australia plane flight this morning and was given a  Spotted Cow GF Cranberry/White Chocolate and Triple Choc twin pack.  Very nice indeed.

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