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GF Snacks and Treats

What are the popular gluten free snacks in my house?

If you would have asked me this question three years ago or three months ago, I might have given you a different answer.  There are many reasons for a change in eating patterns and habits but gluten free eaters are like the mainstream eaters, they like to have a change.

Gluten free eating is restrictive by its very nature and so an important lesson this mother has learnt is that you have to vary what snacks you have on offer in the house.

So this month Carman’s Greek Yoghurt and Blueberry Bars are disappearing quickly out of the cupboard.  Liked by gluten free and non gluten free eaters alike.

Frugo’s had lost ground in my house for a few months, but they are popular again as a ‘grab a packet while heading out the door’ snack.

Mini Snickers and Turkish Delights have also come back into vogue.  It might be that they have been a  recent ‘special’ and therefore cheaper or it might be because I have a weakness for Turkish Delight and I’ll use any excuse to have them in the snack basket.

Menz Gluten Free Honeycomb available in The Reject Shop and Coles is a handy item to know about.  With few chocolate products gluten free or without a warning statement about gluten, this one is worthwhile knowing about.  A friend will be having her two grandaughters (both coeliac)  visit over the school holidays, so I made sure I put an extra packet in my shopping trolley so that she would have a gluten free treat for them.


Grandmothers and Gluten Free

I visited a friend on the weekend and she spoke with a twinge of sadness about her 5 year old granddaughter. My friend’s  granddaughter has coeliac disease and she had gone to great lengths to tell her grandmother how she couldn’t eat her favourite chocolate anymore because it has gluten in it.  While all the other children at the family gathering were eating chocolate, this little girl had her packet of fruit gums.

grandmaYou see, my friend is under the impression that the only items that are gluten free are the ones in the gluten free section of the supermarket.  As I told her, there are many items that are gluten free, it is just that they are hidden in the ‘normal’ part of the supermarket.

So grandmas, you can still spoil your grandchildren and have a box full of gluten free treats  without too much fuss. And the bonus is that  all your grandchildren will enjoy them.

However there are a few simply rules you need to follow:

1.  Any product identifying wheat, rye, barley, malt, oats or gluten is not allowed.

2. Any product with a statement “may contain gluten, may contain wheat” is also not allowed.

3. Exceptions... these are ok…. glucose or glucose syrup from wheat, caramel colour (150) from wheat, dextrose from wheat.

4.  Many items are gluten free by ingredient. If there is no mention of wheat, rye, barley, malt, oats or gluten on the label, then this item is ok.


Select (Woolworths brand) Jungle Buddie   (found in the lolly/chocolate section)



Pandaroo Fruit Jelly Mini Cups found in the International Food section of the supermarket in amongst the curries.

What about, Go Natural Frugo’s which are found in the Gluten Free section of the supermarket


And Scooby Doo can put a smile on everyone’s face .. chocolate crackles  (will let you know where to find them when I remember) or fruit bites (located in the Snack/Muesli Bar section of Coles and Woolworths)

scooby doo


On another matter, Cadbury has recently changed labelling on their products with many products now stating : May contain gluten/wheat.  With this in mind, check the labelling of any Cadbury product you buy in future.