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A Blogger’s Audience

When I began my blog, I knew that I had a relatively limited audience.  I was targetting people with coeliac disease, more specifically I was blogging information for teenagers and more narrowly for parents supporting their teenagers who had a recent diagnosis and even more restrictive was that my blog had an Australian focus specifically when it came to available products.

So it is interesting to think about a blog’s audience. WordPress comes with many tools to assist the blogger in understanding your audience and I am amazed that Gluten Free and the Australian Teenager is read by people across the world. And if you set up your blog properly your audience can reveal themself in other ways. Sometimes your audience will sign up and ‘follow’ you. Sometimes your audience will make comments.  Sometimes your audience will ‘like’ one of your blogs. Sometimes a blogger’s audience is anonymous.  And sometimes the blogger wonders if anyone really reads the posted blogs.

So it came as a surprise that my blog has been mentioned in Feedspot’s Best 100 Gluten Free Blogs on the Web.  My motivation for my blog is not for fame nor fortune, but my expectation is that it is primarily a resource for my gf son and secondly a resource to parents who are struggling with a teenager’s coeliac disease diagnosis.  And more widely a resource for people who must follow a gluten free diet and are looking for good family meals and product ideas.

Thank you to Feedspot for my inclusion in your Best 100 Gluten Free Blogs on the Planet.

My audience is wider than I thought.

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