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Easy Paella

Terrassa (7)

A couple of years ago, we experienced an authentic paella, cooked over a fire fuelled with grape vine twigs and pine cones, with all manner of fresh seafood from the local markets in Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain. It was winter and we enjoyed drinking red wine from a porron and eating calcots freshly grilled and served with a Romesco sauce. Wonderful memories from a family holiday.

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This authentic paella has made me reluctant to make one at home. KJ reminisced about this paella recently and so I compromised and together we made a paella from a Sue Shepherd meal kit from Coles. This was a teaching and learning lesson: if the meal was a success, then KJ could make this meal himself and/or keep a packet on hand at his friends’ house where he spends many weekends.

Choose your own meats or seafood, we used prawns, pork and chicken and we even managed to get a crust on the bottom of the pan in true paella tradition.


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