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Coconut Chips


I visited ‘Essentially Fresh’ today, the first time since the beginning of our gluten free journey.  It is not a part of the city I usually pass through and when I do, I am always on the other side of the road and racing the clock.

I am pleased I stopped today and took stock of its gluten free product lines.

‘Coconut Chips’ is definitely worth a mention as I haven’t seen them in any of my normal gluten free shopping haunts.

I pondered over my purchase choice: ‘Coconut Chips’ or ‘Chocolate Coconut Chips’.  I have purchased coconut flakes for baking purposes before so thought if this product was a dud, I could always use it in my granola or cakes. I see on the website that it also comes as ‘Salt and Vinegar’ Coconut Chips. Interesting!

I went with the ‘Chocolate Coconut Chips’ and continue to snack my way through the tube as I write this post. Unfortunately the photo does not do justice to the crispness of the chips.  At $5.50 for three 70 g containers, this is a gluten free bargain.

The other bonus is that the Coconut Essence website has several recipes using coconut products and at a quick glance most of them are gluten free.

Probably more importantly is the feedback from my teenage taste testers: on first taste they said that they were ‘okay’, but I did however notice an empty container in the bin this morning, so I think that means ‘thumbs up’.

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