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Salad Ideas

Salads are essential to summer. Our summer is enduring, hot and humid and so I look for ways to change up our traditional lettuce salad.

Two Mexican inspired salads from delicious February 2015 are simple and easy and makes for a colourful lunch.

Black Bean Salad

Mexican Black Bean Salad

Corn Kernels, canned – drained

Black beans, canned – rinsed and drained

Coriander – leaves removed from stem

Small tomatoes (grape, cherry, mini) – halved

Avocado – sliced

Cos lettuce – shredded

Corn tortillas – sliced into 2 cm strips, tossed lightly in oil and baked in oven until crisp

Sour cream and sweet chilli sauce

Lime wedges – for serving

Brunch Salad

Brunch Salad

Cos lettuce – leaves washed and separated

Corn on the cob – char grilled then cut away from cob

Baby spinach leaves

Avocado – sliced

Streaky bacon – crispy fried

Corn chips

Sour Cream dressing: sour cream, lemon, salt and pepper

Layer and combine on a serving platter and drizzle dressing.

Sauce to Go and Dressing to Go

To Go

How cute are these!  

Or at least these are the words I used to my teenage son as I packed a pink mini sauce bottle, filled with gluten free bbq sauce, in his lunch box.

Seriously, these are perfect sizing for lunch on the go for adults and children alike.

I found them in the section of Woolworths supermarket where you find lunch boxes and esky ice bricks.

Lunch and Lunch Box Helpers

It is time for me to visit Brisbane or call a favour in from friends in Brisbane for I am almost out of a few of my lunch box helpers. As I am a 2 hour flight away from Brisbane, I will most probably have my sister shop for my lunch box helpers so she can bring them when she visits in a month.

Lunch Dish Cups : wax coated rectangular cups, available in a variety of patterns and sizes, perfect for packaging rice wraps and sushi.

Lunch Cups

Soy Sauce Bottles: small bottles suitable for filling with gluten free soy sauce, comes with a small pipette for filling bottles but I find a syringe from the chemist works better

Soy Sauce Bottles

Sauce Bottles: I use these bottles for tomato or bbq sauce

Rice Ball Moulds

Rice Ball Moulds: Rice balls are not a success for lunch boxes, but these moulds make great rice balls for lunches and dinner at home.

Rice Balls

Toothpicks: perfect for meatballs and fruit pieces


I buy these from Daiso a $2.80 Japanese shop in the Myer Centre in Brisbane City (and other locations in Australia). Visit their website to see a sample of their products and locations as there are many other wonderful products to brighten up a lunch box,  make breakfast a little bit more interesting and to colour your dinner plate.