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Gluten Free Pizza Bases




Teenagers love their pizzas and while there are a variety of gluten free pizza bases out their in the supermarkets, I came across Julian’s Gluten Free Pizza Base recently.

Found in the fridge section of Woolworths Supermarket it makes a good pizza.  As my son says, “it doesn’t fall apart and it doesn’t feel like cardboard”.


Jase’s Gluten Free Pizzas

Pizza Jase's

New packaging, new sizes and new to Coles.

Perfect to have on hand in the freezer for those just in case moments.

The small size Ham and Pineapple is a welcome stand by snack or quick bite.

Gluten Free Meat Lovers Pizza

New to Woolworths Supermarket is Jase’s Kitchen Gluten Free Meat Lovers Pizza and Jase’s Kitchen Gnocchi.  Found in the freezer section of the supermarket,  the pizza is perfect to have on hand for those times when you need something quick and easy.  My son added extra cheese to the pizza and while not as good as the one’s Dad makes, it is good to have something in the freezer for those chaotic nights when everyone in the family is eating at different times because of meetings and sport and other commitments.jasses

Teenagers and Pizzas go hand in hand


What type of pizza base you use depends upon how much time you have spare.

We also like to keep variety in your teenager’s gluten free diet so we try not to use the same product over and over.

We have had success with taste, texture and time taken to make,  with the following:

Orgran Pizza Base : the mixture can get a little sticky but oil your fingers or use a little flour to help keep the mixture manageable.  (Available at supermarkets and health food stores)

Simply Wize Pizza Crust: Packaged in threes, these prepared pizza bases are perfect for a snack or lunch box.  (Available at supermarkets)

Schar Pizza: This is not available in Townsville but I buy it on-line  through Sunnybrook Health Store


Old Time Bakery Gluten Free Pizza Bases: A perfect thin base pizza. (Available at supermarkets)

pizza orgran pizza schar pizza simply wize pizza old time bakery