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I Found Them…



In May 2013, I visited Coeliac Queensland’s Gluten Free Expo in Brisbane.  Hundreds of gluten free products in the one place at the one time, it felt like gluten free heaven.  The expo also gives you a chance to taste test products, bring home samples, talk with suppliers and producers and broaden your pantry range of gluten free products.

The Fantastic Delites snack packs caught my eye as a great item for the school lunch box.  The stall holder said that they distributed this product mainly through the independent supermarkets.  So off I sent my husband to a number of independents in Townsville.  I had friends who also shopped in other areas of the city, searching the shelves for this products and none were to be found.

Time passes and we found snack packs in the Peckish range and a handful of rice crackers in a ziplock bag became a lunchbox staple.

So yesterday, one day after my gf son finished school, I found them… the Delites Snack packs…. at The Reject Shop Fairfield Central Shopping Centre.

So I think about the message in there…. keep on browsing the shelves of stores because you never know when and where you might find a gluten free product that you either didn’t know existed or you didn’t know where to find it.

As gluten free shoppers we sometimes become narrow in our habits and go directly to the sections of supermarkets where we know our favourite products are.  Occasionally, we need to allow ourselves some browsing time because you never know where you will find something or when.

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