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Jaffles for Lunch

In an effort to diversify our teenagers lunch box offerings, breakfasts and snacks, we introduced him to jaffles.

At first, we  weren’t quite sure if he would take to a cooled down jaffle in his lunch box.  However, the benefit of making a ‘sandwich’ this way, is that the gluten free bread does not fall apart as the melted cheese and toasting of the bread helps sticks all ingredients together.  The secret is to only use a meat and cheese… don’t overfill.

I make them of a morning, allow them to cool down, then pop them in the fridge to chill down.  My son tends to eat his ‘lunch’ at morning tea as this way it doesn’t get a chance to spoil or get overheated.


Lifestyle Bakery Bread

IMG_0512This bread is one of only two breads that my teenager will have as a sandwich.  Its texture is similar to ‘normal’ bread and although smaller in size, it holds together well  with a meat, cheese and a relish or chutney.

Only problem is that it is only available fresh every two weeks here in Townsville.

It is stocked by Organic Goodness (Thuringowa Road Kirwan) and they also hold stocks in their freezers.

It has a big tick of approval from our teenage Coeliac 🙂

My friends down Brisbane way swear by Golden Hearth bread and pizza bases, but the bread is only available frozen up north.

Lifestyle Bakery has a number of other gluten free breads available so check out their website for further details.