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Banana Flour and Gluten Free

I am very lucky to have my sisters, all three,  as my support group on this gluten free journey. They find me new products, keep an eye out for recipes and can be relied upon to make a gluten free dessert for family gatherings.IMG_0718

My sister Terese discovered Banana Flour on her holiday on the Atherton Tablelands recently.  I had never heard of it nor seen it but now I know it exists I have found I can source it locally. (Townsville: Sprout Organic Groceries and Otto’s)mt uncle

Mt Uncle’s website has some helpful advice to help you convert your recipes to banana flour recipes as well as easy and delicious banana flour recipes. http://www.bananaflour.com.au/ )

So with a bit of time on my side, I decided to bake the Butterscotch Buttons and Anzac Biscuits.  


My son has had an exhausting 3 weeks of school assessment: exams, speeches, pracs. He  is tired and weary so I am hoping  these biscuits will hit the spot before his  school Jazz Band commitment tonight.

Everyone loved the Butterscotch Buttons and the use of flaked almonds in the Anzac Biscuits worked much better than quinoa flakes that most gf Anzac Biscuit recipes use.

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